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Couples Therapy

Couple Hugging

Healthy relationships usually flow with ease despite the difficulties that may arise. If that’s not what you are experiencing, take it as a sign that your relationship might need rebalancing. Couple therapy has supported many couples in addressing challenges and repairing wounds that happen.

You don’t have to keep struggling, feeling misunderstood, or upset by your behavior or your partner’s actions. There is hope! As an Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT), which is one of the only studied and proven effective couples therapies, I can help YOU.

What makes a relationship mature is the degree to which people can own their part, their responsibility for their messes and the improvements.
– Esther Perel

How I Can Help You

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.
Walking Couple in Mountains
Do you sometimes look over at your partner and wonder “what happened to us?
– Maybe you’re struggling to feel like a priority to your partner…
– Is it just too much to talk about or are you worried you will make it worse if you do?..

So many of us struggle with the words to express how we feel way down deep and it makes all the difference when we are supported to do so. Allow me to guide you both to finally feel seen and heard.
Many problems affect couples from infertility to infidelity, in-laws, finances, blending families and career.
No relationship is fool-proof but when you understand what loving each other truly means and how to stop your negative cycle, you can begin to experience the intimacy you both desire. Through couples therapy you will learn your cycle and practice how to slow it down and stop it before it takes over.
1. You will access the underlying emotions and longings that have remained buried for so long underneath your defenses.
2. You will learn how to communicate your thoughts, feelings and wishes and have them be responded to in a loving way.
3. You will experience the art of repairing and learn to preserve your relationship from future moments of disconnection.
4. You will identify both of your love languages and how to be more accountable for your own happiness within your relationship.

The good news is that you are in the right hands.
I have successfully worked with many couples, in fact, I am not just a therapist who dabbles in couples therapy; couples counseling is one of my main specialties. I often hear “I wish we had come to you sooner because we didn’t have to struggle for so long like we did’. My goal is to set you up on a solid path together where you no longer need me in order to have those important conversations and be able to repair the bond when other disagreements arise.”

When we are through you will be able to recognize and understand your own cycle as a couple and stop it before it starts.
Instead of looking for a person who checks all the boxes, focus on a person with whom you can imagine yourself writing a story with that entails edits and revisions.
– Esther Perel

A healthy and connected you begins today.

Contact me today…

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